Plastic Surgery Pre-Op Package

Includes CBC, PT-INR, PTT, BMP, UA, EKG, Cardiologist Reading of EKG

$ 350.00

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Where It Will Help

Clotting Factors

General / Overall Health

Diagnose Various Hear Conditions Such As Irregular Heartbeats. Heart Attacks And Other Problems

What's Measured

Blood Clotting

How long your blood takes to form a clot


Color And Smell

Visual inspection for color as well as smell. Microscope can also be used.

Acidity (P H), Protein, And Glucose

Chemical screening involves putting specially treated strips of paper called reagent strips that gives information on acidity and presence of blood, protein, and sugar.




Test Preparations

Quest: Fasting preferred

Labcorp: Fasting for 12 hours

Tests Included (6)

Add-ons for your health (7)